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~SUP Yoga ~
Experience the freedom of an outdoor classroom, the sensation of a floating yoga mat and the holistic benefits of a harmonious yoga practice.  Sup Yoga picture No 2 - SUPfari Adventures Cape CodFloat your yoga is a unique blend of movement, balance, strength and the playfulness of the worlds fastest growing water sport.  This is a time to step outside of the traditional yoga setting and into a Cape Cod liquid studio where your mat is constantly in motion.  Your certified yoga instructor will guide you throw a series of breath-based movements and core strengthening exercises while floating on a SUP board.  

  • Paddle skills & water safetySup Yoga picture No 4 - SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod
  • Improved balance & stability through core strengthening
  • A mindful connection to the outdoors & the rhythms of nature
  • A revitalized sense of self through body awareness
  • A playful arena to laugh, love and awaken your inner child 
SUP YOGA RATES Sup Yoga picture No 5 - SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod
  • $ 45 per class without your own board and no paddle experience
  • $ 20 per class without your own board and previous paddle experience
  • $ 17 per class with your own board and previous paddle experience
 Private Group can be arranged apon request. Call us for more information.

Paddle - Play - Swim - Explore

 Yoga picture No 3 - SUPfari Adventures Cape Cod

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